Pounce Products for the Discriminating Artist

The Pounce method of pattern preparation has been used for centuries. Michelangelo utilized this method to transfer his artistry onto the Sistine chapel ceiling. Our Pounce is a special blend of charcoal that minimizes peaking and staining. And, our uniquely designed pads are sure to please.

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Below are all the Han-See products with an easy-order grocery cart.

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About Hancy Manufacturing

Hancy Mfg. Company began in Eugene Oregon by Raymond Hancy. Ray, who has been a signpainter for over 40 years, has had several inventions patented and the idea came for a Pounce Pad when some coworkers were asking him how he comes up with his ideas. His reply was “you just try to pay attention to things that annoy you” He happened to be at his work bench at the time and his eyes fell on the infamous “nasty bag”. He picked it up and said “like this”. The seed was planted. The idea developed into the Han-See Pounce Pads. Ray Hancy sold the business after a few years to his daughter and son-in-law, Mike and Marilyn Deas because running Hancy Mfg. was becoming too much of a full time job instead of just something to do in his semi-retirement. Mike and Marilyn Deas live in Northern California where they never tire of their beautiful view of Mt. Shasta. Sadly, Ray Hancy passed away February 1, l999.  He is sorely missed.


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